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Bank kiosks

Bank kiosks is the kiosks specially for the bank business operation such as account inquiry, account list printing, bank pass book printing, bank account transfer as well as other more innovative business such as securities&stock exchange

Bank kiosks Models:

A1 self service bank pass printer and list printer payment touchscreen bank kiosk

A1 is a selfservice touchscreen bank pass and list printing kiosk for payment. It has all the component for the banking services: bank pass printing, list printing, invoice printing(optional)

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A2 bank kiosk

A2 is a typical bank kiosk model. With the all-steel elegant enclosure, A2 can be used in the banks for pass book printing and bank account inquiry as well as other self service function.&

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A4 bank printing kiosk

A4 is a bulky bank printing kiosk for all kinds of appliations. With the bulky enclosure, A4 is capable to host a lot of large components for the bank business.

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A11 bank pass book printing kiosk

A11 is a bank pass book printing kiosk. With the bank passbook printer, A11 can be used as the classical pass book printing kiosk.

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AW31 wall through bank kiosk with pass book printer

AW31 is a wall through bank kiosk with pass book printer.

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AW61 outdoor cash dispensing wall through ATM

AW61 is a outdoor wall through cash dispensing ATM.

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AW91 CRM ATM machine for cash recycling

AW91 is a CRM ATM machine for cash recycling.

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